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House Rules


The Maryland Club offers a traditional atmosphere and we ask our Members and guests to help maintain this.  Members are required to ensure their guests comply with the Club’s dress code.


Dress Code


  • Business Casual
(2nd Floor)
  • Jacket and Tie always required.
  • Currently, only Business Casual attire is required in the Dining Room.
  • Jacket always required
  • Business Casual
  • Bermuda Shorts (Memorial Day to Labor Day)

  • Business Casual
  • Dress Denim
  • Bermuda Shorts (Memorial Day to Labor Day)
  • Business Casual
  • Dress Denim
  • Bermuda Shorts (Memorial Day to Labor Day)


  • Members are encouraged to wear all white attire.
  • However, the following solid colors are permitted in the Fitness Center: Black, Gray, Navy Blue.
  • Clothing may have patterns if they are of the same color.
  • All white attire is required on the squash courts.


Guidelines for Business Casual dress:

Gentlemen: Collared dress shirts or collared polo-style shirts, slacks, non-athletic close toed shoes are acceptable. Jacket and tie are optional.

Ladies: Dresses, skirts, blouses, quality polo-style shirts, pull-over tops, sweaters, slacks, dress sandals, open toed shoes are acceptable.  

Not Permitted: Tee shirts, sweatshirts, heavily logo’d shirts, denim of any kind, shorts; nor are halters, tank tops, jogging outfits, athletic attire, casual cargo-style or work pants, ball caps, tennis or athletic shoes, or flip flops.

Dress Denim is defined as not having rips, tears, holes, frayed edges, or fading. 

Informally attired Members in transit to the Card Room should always be mindful of others’ formal activities in other, formal areas of the Club.

You are responsible for ensuring that your guests conform to the dress code.

Certain events may involve a specific informal dress code other than as outlined above.  Members attending such events will receive appropriate notice.


Please be reminded that use of the Club parking lot and overflow parking is intended for members on the occasions when you are present in the Club.

Electronics Policy

1. Usage of cell phones for phone calls in the Clubhouse is prohibited, except in designated areas. Calls on cell phones may be made or taken only from a private room, the telephone booths on the 1st floor off of the Lobby, or the Communications Center by the Squash Dining Area for gentlemen. This prohibition includes calls made with earbuds.

2. Passive use of electronic devices (e.g. email, texting, internet, etc.) is allowed throughout the Clubhouse with discretion, except for the Dining Room and Members’ Bar. No electronic devices may be used in the Dining Room or Members’ Bar.

3. Laptops are only allowed in the Communications Lounge on the Second Floor, and in the Communications Center by the Squash Dining Area.

4. At no time should any device be audible to others while in the Clubhouse.

Members are reminded that the Maryland Club is a social club, and not a business club or venue in which to conduct business. If needed, private rooms may be reserved for business functions.


Except for some special events (e.g. Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day), Children must be at least 12 years old at the Maryland Club. Children of all ages are invited to dine with their family on Friday nights. 

Children accompanying Members to the Club for weekend fitness or squash must be supervised at all times. To avoid the possibility of injury, children may not be left unattended in any area of the Club. 


Business papers and newspapers are not allowed in the Dining Rooms. Papers are permitted in private rooms, in Communications Lounge on the 2nd Floor, and in the Communications Center by the Squash Dining Area.

Overnight Accomodations

While the Maryland Club does not offer accomodations within the Clubhouse, we have arrangements with nearby hotels to provide rooms at discounted rates.

Click here for a listing of nearby hotels with discounted rates for Members.


Smoking is not permitted inside the Maryland Club. Smoking is permitted in a designated area on the Porch but smoking is not permitted at any time when other Members are dining. The aforementioned restrictions also apply to e-cigarettes and/or vaping.